Friday, July 6, 2007

Potato Salad

tends to be a very divisive food. Many people hate and the ones that do like it have very strong and particular opinions about what kind is actually good: There is the "supermarket" version, rich with mustard and mayo; farmer's market with red, purple, and yellow potatoes, creme fraiche and perhaps some dill, and German style that eschews mayo in favor of vinegar and oil...just to name a few. My favorite is, well, probably only something you could love if you grew up eating it. I've never seen this style outside of my family: boiled, diced cubes of white potatoes, sprinkled with salt and sugar---sugar, being the key ingredient--while still hot. Once it's cooled, add some sliced celery, mustard, just a little mayo, and pickle relish and mix well. Soo good.

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