Saturday, December 1, 2007

Pizza, first attempt

Friday night I decided I was going to try to make gluten-free pizza, using this pizza crust recipe from Recipezaar that Debby found. I even went the store and bought vegetables and pizza. Sadly, I forgot the cider vinegar and yeast until after the store was closed. Not one to give up over such minor problems, I decided to try this pizza crust recipe from Bob's Red Mill instead since I had all the ingredients. I used the Bob's Red Mill GF flour mix instead of the garfava and tapioca flours it called for. It seemed like a reasonable substitution to me since the flour mix has a lot of garfava and tapioca flour in it.

Not that I have lots of experience, but gluten free bread is weird: it seems like most recipes call for at least one egg and they are often batter-like in consistency. I used Muir Glen pizza sauce (super yummy), grated mozzarella and parmesan cheese, and a mix of onion, mushrooms, and red bell pepper that I sauteed before adding to the pizza. The crust turned out, well, just ok. It was edible and made a good surface for the pizza toppings but I had no desire to eat the crust. It was weird and slightly egg-like. I'm sure it's a good recipe for what it was: no yeast, no gluten, but I'm going to keep looking.

So far I've been happiest with foods that are naturally gluten free like rice noodles in Asian food. I did have the most amazing chocolate chip cookies at work; apparently they buy them from a local business in Palo Alto, so I might see if I can convince them to make a special batch for me. The cookies didn't taste funky at all and were a little crisp. It's good that I miss cookies more than bread. I may try thick corn tortillas as a pizza crust next time; another blog recommended the idea and Primavera makes some nice, thick, homemade ones at my grocery store.

Here's the crust right after the initial baking: it looks more like a puffed pancake than bread (I think that's the egg effect). I should have taken a picture before baking: it's this stick batter that you spread out over the sheet.

A close-up of the tasty part of the pizza. Still, all-in-all it was nice to sit down (very late) with a slice of pizza, glass of wine, and bowl of the Rocky Road ice cream that was left after Dad's visit. And I'm sure I'll eat the leftovers.


Debby said...

Eggy pizza crust does sound a bit gross. Better luck next time! dms

Debby said...

Eggy pizza crust does sound a bit gross. Better luck next time! dms

Sea said...

Hi! I have a gluten free blog in the Bay area also, so come by and visit me sometime. :)

I'm not a fan of that particular mix- actually, my favorite pizza is generally made from Carol Fenster's recipe- I think homemade is way better than most of the mixes or pre-made pizzas. That being said, have you tried Whole Foods Gluten Free pre-made bakehouse goods? They have pizza crust, several breads including a really good sun-dried tomato bread, prepared pie crust- it's good, for pre-made.

Hope you find a pizza crust you like better soon!

check out my gluten-free blog

Susan said...

woops, I just noticed your comment, Sea. Sorry! I just subscribed to your blog in Reader. :)

Rolando said...

The pizza looks really tasty hehe


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