Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Now gluten free...

So yeah, I have celiac sprue, so maybe I'll finally post more often. Gluten free foods that I like so far (beyond the obvious naturally gluten free stuff like fruits, veggies, and meat):
  • Corn thins. So far I haven't tried any bread. This substitutes fine for me. I wasn't much of a bread eater except for in really good wood-fired pizza and really fresh baguettes.
Well, that's about it so far. I've made some pancakes from Pamela's Pancake and Baking mix. They're ok, especially if liberally coated in maple syrup. I also made her brand of brownies. If they are very cold I like them pretty well, though they sometimes taste a little gritty to me...which is not a texture I'm generally expecting in brownies.

I've had to give up my two favorite kinds brands of chocolate bars: Valrhona (sp?) bittersweet and Cacao et Chocolat's Guarya and Cascabel bars. The latter are only available in Paris but were soo good. I think the deal is that both companies mold their chocolate in wheat starch. gah. Fortunately there's still good stuff like Dagoba that's safe to eat.

Next up: I'm going to try to make banana bread (or muffins) and rice krispie treats--turns out regular rice krispies have malt flavoring or something which is a no-no. Malt is derived from wheat.

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