Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gluten free wedding (and special occasion) cakes

In the process of getting married, I realized that I wanted a 'real' cake--one with layers, and filling, and buttercream--that I could eat.  And as it happens about 30% of our tiny wedding party can't eat gluten.  

I'm lazy, so I didn't do lots of research, but here are several options from people who specialize in gluten-free baked goods.  (All things being equal, I suspect someone that specializes in gluten-free will make a tastier cake than someone who does them in addition to regular cakes.  And I care much, much more about the taste of the cake than the decoration).  It sounds like all three can provide wedding, birthday, and other cakes.

Crave.  We tried their chocolate cake with mocha filling and vanilla cake with vanilla cream filling.  I loved the vanilla--it was more like a pound cake in density, but it was rich, vanilla-y, and moist.  Despite that we're ordering just an 8" cake with simple decoration, they have been a dream to work with.  Ultimately we decided to go with Crave since I've really enjoyed many of their other sweets.  By default their cakes are gluten-free and dairy-free, but you can request that they use butter if you don't have dairy allergies (yay!  Since I fortunately don't). They are located in San Francisco.

Kapcakes. Apparently they provide the cakes at Mariposa Bakery in Oakland.  I've never tried their cakes, so I can't comment on their quality.  Their address is in Palo Alto, CA.

Let Them Eat Cake. They specialize in allergy-friendly baked goods and can do gluten-free cakes as well. They are located in Milpitas, CA.

Mariposa Bakery.  As mentioned above for the most part Mariposa Bakery doesn't bake cakes, but they do sell ons by Kapcakes if you don't want a completely custom cake.  They are located in Oakland, CA with a kiosk in the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

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