Wednesday, June 16, 2010


One of the easy meals I missed the most when I went gluten free was pizza.  I loved both super thin, wood-fired pizza with a light layer of sauce, cheese, and meat as well as the deep dish pizzas of Chicago (Zachary's in the East Bay makes really good non-gluten free ones).  When we moved to Mountain View, I discovered there were multiple pizza places with gluten free options!  We've tried Amici's and ZPizza so far. Amici's has a much better atmosphere if you want to go eat pizza at a restaurant but the crust they use make me sort of sad--it's soft and meh.  ZPizza, on the other, completely lacks atmosphere but has tasty, small gluten free crusts. It's not as good as the very best pizzas I've had, but it's more than good enough to satisfy my pizza cravings.

Next up to try:  BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

ZPizza (5/5): Their Place Page on and their website.

The gluten free pizza was great! Even the the leftovers I reheated the next day were still tasty. I much prefer their crust to the one at Amici's. It's a little pricey but not too bad.
The place has no atmosphere at all, so you'll probably want to order the pizza to go.
I can't wait to eat here again!
Updated: 06-2010. We ordered take out pizza here last Saturday night. I had the gluten free with chicken sausage and fresh garlic with cheese and sauce. Again the pizza and crust were excellent both Saturday night and as cold leftovers the next day for lunch.
Oh, and apparently they have delivery---we'll have to try that sometime!

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