Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sweet crepes

During my vacations to Paris, I grew to love both savory galettes stuffed with ham and cheese and sweet crepes filled nutella and banana.  I was very sad when my first attempt at gluten free sweet crepes a couple years ago were too puffy and fell apart easily.  I just gave up and assumed it was another 'baked good' I'd never eat again.

This recipe I found on changed everything.  The crepes were exactly as I remembered them and not the least bit gritty, even when I thawed the last few frozen crepes a month after I first made them. Even my husband (who can eat gluten) declared them a major success.

My notes:
  • I used the Allergen Free basic flour mix for the flours, where 1 cup = 115g.  I believe the superfine brown rice flour is key to the texture. 
  • I used 2% milk and butter, not oil.
  • I mixed the batter in my blender and let it sit for about 30 minutes.  The blender pitcher made it easy to pour the batter into the pan.
  • Since I didn't have a crepe I used my 10" nonstick skillet.  I started with a 8" skillet but found that the rounded sides made crepes that were much too small.  The 10" skillet was perfect, and I didn't have any problems flipping or removing the crepes.

I didn't bother with the raspberry sauce, instead filling them with lemon curd one time and thick strawberry yogurt another.

These freeze really well--next time rather than separating each crepe with a piece of wax paper, I'd just put wax paper between each group of crepes I'd want to thaw.

We'll definitely make these again!


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